The founding father Gerardus Zandbergen started his own shoe shop in 1930. The shop of Gerardus Zandbergen was located in Spakenburg, an old fishing village in the Netherlands. Gerard Zandbergen sold his handmade shoes to locals and also to a lot of tourists. Ever since the Zandbergen family has worked in the shoe industry. The shop still belongs to the Zandbergen family and is located in Spakenburg.

Spakenburg contains a lot of cultural heritage and history because of the old important fishing influence. Many international tourists visit Spakenburg daily.

The sense of fashion and shoes in the Zandbergen family was the main reason that we followed in the footsteps of our grandfather in the early 70’s and started designing our shoes. It turned out successfully due to the combination of the existing knowledge and craftsmanship in footwear.

An unique statement
In the 90’s the family founded Zandbergen Footwear. The knowledge and passion for shoes has always been in our nature. We started to design and produce our own brands based on years of knowledge and experience. We managed to develop amazing products with the perfect fit and flexibility. We made fashion comfortable, which was an unique statement for that period. Enjoyable shoes to wear and amazing design!

The perfect match
At the beginning of 2000 we decided to share our knowledge and we started producing shoes for clothing and shoe brands. Our knowledge, extensive network and the possibilities to design with or for our partners made us the perfect match.

We also provided the extra possibility that we could sell the footwear to shoe retailers in Europe for maximum expansion results. So we could offer an unique service for the textile and shoe industry.

The options for shoes are almost endless for Zandbergen Footwear. Nowadays we work with more than 12 labels and we produce honest products worldwide in 28 factories. It is possible to make collections that fit exactly in appearance to any label, made with a Zandbergen twist.

”Design with passion, produce with knowledge and sell with love”